The Beginning of an Adventure

The Beginning of an Adventure

Admittedly the concept of blogging has not really caught on with me as I now realize it has been months since the blog site was set-up and I have yet to really make a post.  The whole idea of the site is to provide a bit of a log of our upcoming adventure that we can reflect on down the road.  Of course it will also be great so that family and friends have an idea what we are doing and where we are as surely regular communication may be a bit hit and miss.  Perhaps the blog will also introduce us to some new friends, or help inspire someone else to have a similar adventure.  What is the adventure?  Well, it will be trip from Georgian Bay, Ontario to somewhere aboard our sailboat.  There are many ideas of what ‘somewhere’ might be, but ultimately we will take it as we go.  The only certainty is that ‘somewhere’ should be someplace warm enough that it isn’t unpleasant to be aboard a boat.  Hopefully by taking this approach we will have time to enjoy and appreciate the history and culture of the places we visit rather than trying to maintain a tight schedule.

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  1. I look forward to following your blog and the pictures! I can’t wait to hear how Magnus adapts to life on a boat!! He will be your anti-pirate secret weapon! ! Now is certainly the time for adventure!! Take care, Mac

    • Thanks Mac! Magnus certainly seems content on the boat so far but we’ll see if he stays so happy when it’s not all sunny beaches. I’m sure he’ll be happy as long as there are lots of new places and smells to explore 🙂

  2. So the blog really has begun, the house is sold, and Magnus has gotten a wee bit bigger than the ball of fur you occasionally dragged into the office. Wish the three of you fair weather sailing. Oh yeah, the next time the shoal keel crowd mentions some great anchorages don’t forget to ask whether it was on or off the rocks. Don’t know many rocks I’ve paddled over in Georgian Bay that carry mementoes of the last keel that passed that way…

    • So true, we’ve got dock neighbours who keep trying to get us to visit a nice little cove with them but they neglect to mention the 5′ rock at the entrance. Here’s hoping all this snow makes for higher water levels on the lakes this year.