Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home

Well, for the 3 people that may actually be following our blog thus far, I realize it has been a long time since I posted something, so here is recap of the last month:

-Packed the house, rented moving truck, moved belongings to my parents for storage, and donated a bunch of stuff

-Lived in the house for nearly a week with no furniture.  My camping chair that I acquired in high school and used as my arm chair through university made a re-appearance.  Seems only fitting to leave K-W the same way I arrived:  in student style.

-Loaded the car to the brim with the remaining possessions on the Friday of closing, then hooked up the hobie cat trailer and drove to work.  The house closed and I gave notice at work that afternoon.  Then drove to my parents after work to ‘move in’ for two weeks.

-Finished sanding the bottom of the boat.  Never again….  I say this now, but will probably revert when I get a quote when/if I should ever need this task completed again.

-Finished work last week, and then spent the weekend organizing our ‘stuff’ at my parents

-On Monday we packed up and headed up to the marina where we have been since, living on the boat on land.  Can’t wait until we are in the water and we can use the water tank again.

-Tuesday I installed the poor mans air conditioning systems (cabin fans for both the V-berth and aft cabin.  Still debating where to install the final fan), and we tried to find locations to store all our clothes and groceries.

-Wednesday was still threatening rain so we spend several hours figuring out what navigation equipment still needed to be ordered and ordered it.  I scavenged up 5 boat stands and set them up to hold up  Altera so I could release two of the supports on our storage cradle to paint underneath them.

-Today we solvent wiped the entire hull and put 4 coats of Interprotect epoxy barrier coat on the hull.  One more coat to go and then the antifouling paint begins.  Booked a tentative lift in for next Tuesday.  Somehow the 4th coat of epoxy was the messiest and refused to wash off my arms, oh well now I have waterproof spots on my arm.


If any of the above doesn’t make sense, I blame the solvent and epoxy fumes, not the wine I’m sipping as the sun goes down and I type this.