Well, we made the deadline.  The bottom paint looks great and when we pulled off the masking tape we have a nice clean line!  Here is Altera with her fenders on and docklines on cleats just waiting to be lifted.  Unfortunately it was a damp morning yesterday so I didn’t get a chance to put a fresh coat of wax on, but I had waxed it just before the winter cover went on so it isn’t necessary just yet anyway.


The forecast had been grim for the day but the weather held on and late morning our turn came around.  Altera was towed down to the launch area.


And lined up with the travel lift.


Then lifted slowly off her winter cradle.


It is always a little nerve wracking watching your boat dangle in mid air.  Perhaps a bit more nerve wracking this time around as I’m not really prepared to downsize to a tent right now.


After she was in the water we did all the routine checks to ensure water wasn’t leaking into the hull and then started the engine to warm up.  One more check for leaks and the all clear was given and the crew lowered the slings right down and guided us back out of the well.  We motored slowly over to our dock uneventfully and are now tied up for the next few days to get a bit more organized.  The Dinghy was inflated and moved off the deck and the outboard fired up after a few pulls leaving a big cloud of blue smoke as it warmed up.  Magnus was a little disappointed he didn’t get a ride, but it wont be long now.  The best part is we now have the full plumbing system operational.  The luxury of running water!

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  1. She looks wonderful! Glad the launch has happened!  When are you going to start sailing Georgian Bay?

  2. Hopefully we’ll be out sailing soon! We both lined up some short work contracts that need to be done next week but maybe we’ll manage to head out for a while this weekend.

  3. Congrats, she looks beautiful.