At Anchor

At Anchor

After about six days anchored in Kilcoursie Bay at Killbear Provincial Park it was time to move on.  We had a good visit with Brad and Andrea over the weekend who were our second overnight guests.  We also had a good time ashore visiting with Mom and Dad who were camping near the beach until Wednesday.

Today we sailed to a quieter anchorage to spend the night and took Magnus over to Huckelberry Island to roam around.  The island has a few free campsites and picnic benches but I suspect they don’t get much use.  Our anchorage has a couple cottages on one side and is all natural on the other.  Seems to be a busy day, there are 5 boats here for the night.  Here is our view towards Parry Sound.  Apologies for the image quality.  If the iPad could take an SD card I would have uploaded a better one.


And for those who saw the pictures upside down, that too was an iPad thing… Hopefully fixed now.  Now I understand why the Blackberry CEO isn’t concerned about about the new Apple/IBM partnership.

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  1. Wayne and Alice dowswell
    Tuesday 13 January 2015, 5:31 pm

    Have been following your blog— recognize a lot of the places since we’ve chartered there twice.I like the hiking idea but if you’re only there for 10 days hard to fit everything in. Envious of the sunshine –minus 6 here on the south side of the house.Look forward to reading about the next leg of the trip.Did you spend ringing out the old year at Foxy’s?  Alice and Wayne of Perseverance  Bay Moorings. .

    • We did ring in the new year at Foxy’s. I agree it is hard to try and fit everything into a week or two charter. We still missed a few places, but at least we will have a good reason to return one day.