Photo Roll from Eleuthera

Photo Roll from Eleuthera

Here is a photo roll from our recent tour up the island of Eleuthera before we jumped north the Abacos.

First stop was Rock Sound Harbour, a nice little town.


A tidy vacation house for those that don’t want visit by boat as we did.


The busy main street.


Very Cool was the ‘ocean hole’  This body of water drops straight down to about 600′ deep.  It is believed to be connected to the ocean as the water is partly salty.


Next stop was Governor’s harbour, the former capital of the Bahamas.  Beautiful town, but very thin sand over rock made it difficult to set the anchor.  After several failed attempts I determined the only chance we had was to put the bow over the shallows where the sand might be thicker.  So we nosed the bow slowly while keeping the keel in deeper water so that we could hit the thicker sand.  It worked, but only because the winds weren’t forecast to clock around, otherwise we would have been pushed aground.


The fire department.


Chrissy, eager to get to the bakery in hopes of having a day without oatmeal for breakfast.



A few rental properties with lovely gardens on either side of the street.


Onwards to Hatchet Bay, where their claim to fame is the Bahamas most protected harbour.  The entrance sure is narrow.


A view of town from where we anchored.


The reviews on Active Captain said the town came across as being ‘down on their luck’ but we found the locals to be extremely friendly.  Magnus had a whole series of admirers the day we were walking around not long after school was let out.  I felt like a bum in my old t-shirt next to the school boys in their shirts and ties.  We saw kids playing basketball at the park too which reminded me of playing street hockey when I was young.  Perhaps there is a benefit to every kid not having a bunch of electronic gadgets to squander away their free time with.


A blue fire truck for a change.


Next was a wind-less motor to Spanish Wells.  From a distance this anchored fishing boat looked like he was headed back and forth right in the middle of the narrow channel at current cut.


The ferry terminal at current cut.


We anchored outside of Spanish wells in very clear water and took turns working on removing some of the fouling spots that we picked up in Puerto Rico.  Don’t want them slowing us down our upcoming dash to Nova Scotia.


Spanish Wells is a relatively small island so many locals make use of golf carts instead of cars.  Here is the deluxe model.


Any idea what their economy here is based on?

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  1. Hi, Jeff and Christina… Do I read that right: Are you planning a non-stop from the Bahamas to Nova Scotia? Possibly with a stop in Bermuda?

    • We aren’t that eager to go looking for heavy weather so we are hoping to do the trip in 3 or 4 legs if the weather cooperates, but we would like to be there by the end of May.

  2. Cool shots Jeff! Great to see you guys are having a such a nice time!

    • Thanks! It has been fun. We are looking forward to being back in Canada for a while though to have a few weeks off the boat for a change.

  3. Marina and Albert
    Monday 4 May 2015, 1:22 am

    While it looks so beautiful and I’m (Marina) sure you guys are having a fantastic time, it will be nice to see you guys again. You will probably have lots of people clamoring to visit with you, but you and Chrissy are welcome to come by any time!

    I (Albert) had a hard time starting work one morning last week, just after having read a new post. Really difficult to try and jump into the startup business after looking at those beautiful and relaxing pictures…   especially of Jeff having nothing better to do than chasing a picture! 🙂
    My hands are getting really itchy for having a holiday more than just two consecutive days.

    Safe travels!

    • Hey Guys, we are looking forward to seeing you and hopefully some of our other friends when we let them know we are going to be home. Amazing how fast the winter has flown by. Sorry Albert for giving you too much to think about on your commute. I assure you that not all days are as relaxing as the one where I was fooling around with my camera.