We Made it to Cape Breton

We Made it to Cape Breton

We left Martha’s Vineyard last Monday and had strong SW winds to carry us across the 220 mile stretch between New England and Nova Scotia and then along the southern coast to Halifax.  We had planned to go as far as Canso to clear in with in customs but received conflicting information if they still had an office to deal with pleasure craft, we detoured into Halifax instead. Along the route we saw at least half a dozen whales all swimming just abeam and abaft of us.  The size of them was quite impressive.

On the approach to Halifax we checked the water temperature.   Yikes, I hope the transducer isn’t accurate.


We arrived in Halifax harbour around midnight so we dropped the anchor behind McNabb island to get a few hours of sleep and then in the morning motored across to the city docks to clear in with customs.DSC_0859

Evidently the cruise ship season has already begun up north.  DSC_0861

Here is Altera shortly after the customs officials visited with us.DSC_0867

Some more keen sailors, although it looked like they were just out for a day sail.DSC_0871

Seeing as we were in Halifax it only made sense to go for a walk and grab lunch.DSC_0876

Unfortunately we were heading back out, so I couldn’t stop in here.DSC_0879

I suspect this fairway buoy is out of position.DSC_0881

When we passed it on the water I had just figured it was a regular tour boat.  Until I saw it on land.DSC_0882

After lunch, Chrissy went the chart shop to pick up some charts while Magnus and I walked quickly up to Citadel Hill.  The one thing we really liked about cruising the US, was that all their charts are available in electronic format for free.  As a result we have the entire US coast NOAA charts (in addition to the Navionics on the chartplotter and the Garmin on the iPad).  While I prefer to have paper ones in areas I regularly travel, the electronic ones are great for places you are going to pass through once.  Unfortunately, in Canada we are stuck with paper as the only option and until this point hadn’t acquired any for Nova Scotia. DSC_0887

There is no stronger proof that we are back in Canada than this.DSC_0892

At this point we had 140 miles to go to Arichat so we set off.  Still in the harbour, I’m all bundled up for the final night at sea.  We left with brisk winds just as when we had arrived, but unfortunately they dropped off a few hours later so we motor sailed a significant chunk of this last day at sea.DSCN0535 copy

Someone was not impressed that we were departing again so soon.  On these last few nights Magnus actually let us put a big fleece blanket over him at night while he snoozed in the cockpit.  He had the option to stay below in the heated cabin, but we couldn’t convince him to do so.  Always has to know what is going on. DSCN0533

Sometimes it felt like we were being watched.DSC_0915

Actually, quite often.  We saw numerous seals on this trip.DSC_0916

Last afternoon at sea.  Land is in sight.  You could see the wheels spinning in his mind wondering if we were going to stop somewhere.


Coming into, Arichat.  Just a few miles remaining to the Isle Madame Boat Club.DSC_0967

The nose is working hard.  Something smells familiar.  Hey guys, I think I’ve been here before and it didn’t take nearly as long in the car.


Skies were a bit grey, but the church still stands out.  Hard to believe it was nearly nine years ago that we got married there.  That reminds me, I promised Chrissy we would go to Hawaii for our 10th Anniversary.  Running out of time to talk myself out of that one…  Maybe I can make the pitch that Europe is closer?


By 6pm Friday we were tied up in our slip and being greeted by family.  It has been a long haul but the weather cooperated and we made it safely over 1500 miles in just under 3 weeks.   And our tally since departing Georgian Bay has now topped 5800 nm.

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  1. Well done, great following your adventures. What’s next!

  2. Welcome home!  What great adventures you all had!  See you at the wedding.

  3. Great stuff!  Enjoying the updates!  Keep on enjoying  – you 3!

  4. Hi Chrissy and Jeff, it was great to follow your voyage this year.  We are leaving in July me and my husband to go toward the Bahamas.  I would like to meet with you guys to talk about your trip and if you have advise to give us, cause we are traveling with our dog too.  You are on Isle Madame until when? I live in D’Escousse, so we could meet hopefully sometime.  Let me know and we can arrange something.  

    • Hi Annick,

      We are currently in Ontario for about two more weeks then we will be heading back to Arichat and can arrange to meet up. Chrissy will send an email in the near future to make plans.