Grande Case: Bon Appetit

Grande Case:  Bon Appetit

Grande Case is the dining capital in St Martin with about 30 or more restaurants all in a mile with simple to high end options and everything in between.  Hard to go wrong and of course many of them have beautiful sunset views that you can enjoy overlooking the beach for dinner.

During the daytime there are various water sports and tours that come and go, but in the evening the crowd on the water thins and just a few cruising boats and charter boats will sit at anchor.  The land is flat here and the wind funnels through so with the enhanced trade winds blowing, (known by sailors as Christmas winds despite having nothing to do with holidays) we didn’t have the most peaceful stay with the gusts clocking over 30 knots, but the atmosphere in general was worth it.


The crowd on the water has thinned late in the afternoon.


A huge local favourite are the lolo’s of which there are 6 in total (2 road front, 2 beach front and 2 in between).  Big outdoor bbq grills are lit at 9am to prepare to serve chicken and ribs for lunch and dinner and come 11am the crowd is always steady although you don’t need to wait for a seat.  $5 for an order of ribs or you can go all out for $10 to have the ribs with 8 sides, at least at the one we tried this year.  For an Engineer this fine dining at its best and I always find it to be a more authentic experience to dine where the locals dine too.


Mid day, the shutters open all along the beach as each restaurant prepares for dinner.


The street is a bit tight, but fun to wander along.  They have a few shops to browse through as you roam along scanning menus.  Our first night we arrived in time for the Christmas Parade which was fun to see.  The parade went south at 7pm and later that night around 9pm when I was ashore with Magnus for his bedtime run, we got to watch the parade return north.  Although it was notably more relaxed on the return.


And of course for those who have higher dining standards than Engineers you will not be disappointed.  As an added bonus, the prices are in Euros but they take the US dollar at par if you pay cash.


Take a seat here for happy hour and you can check out your lobster awaiting you for dinner in the pool/fountain on the right.  I can’t attest for the lobster but the lamb was a great choice with the surf crashing gently on the beach below our table.  We opted for a dinner out instead of buying ‘stuff’ we don’t need or have space to stow aboard for Christmas.


We have since moved back to Marigot for the downtown Christmas celebrations.

Merry Christmas everyone!

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  1. Looks wonderful.  As I type it is at present 16 degrees and the sun us shining so I have my sunglasses on and pretend that I am there with the three of you.
    Merry Christmas to you we will be thinking of you.
    Nan and Grandad ?

  2. Jeff and Chrissy
    Just want to say merry Christmas. I am sure you know we are having a green Christmas . We are loving it as you know we are not skiers. Must be the reason we were born in July happy and safe sailing

  3. Sounds like you guys are having a great time. Hope you all have a joyous and festive  Christmas tomorrow!! Stay safe. We’ll be thinking of you. 
    Love Mom & Dad

  4. Merry Chirstmas Jeff and Chrissy –hope you have a joyous Christmas (without the shopping and other asinine distractions, from time together) and recharge and prepared for a wonderful `16!

    Mike Harttrup